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Alcohol Law In Georgia

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551341-alcohol-law-in-georgia.imagesqtbnand9gcs7y5ehlrz-ltmexhapcjfssgt0xufs62rqpstjxnyldnfvgquAlcohol law in Georgia is very rigid and complicated. The law is very specific and it governs the sale, promotion, and consumption of alcohol within the state. Some experts term these laws as cranky and believe that they are just absurd. This blog helps you to get accustomed to the Georgian alcohol laws if you plan to visit the state somewhere in the future:


Which are the Legalized Places to Buy Alcohol?
If you are in Georgia, then you are allowed to buy your alcohol from retail package stores, while you can purchase your beer tins and wine cases from any regular grocery stores. Some bars and restaurants are authorized to sell the alcohol on Sundays. Most bars and restaurants are permitted to serve you alcohol from 6 AM to 12 PM midnight on regular days.


What is the legal drinking age?
The legal drinking age is 21 years. If you are found to fake the age for buying the drink then there are chances of you paying a hefty fine, or parting with your driver’s license for about 6-months or serving the probation period. If a person decides to plead no contest, then he can be spared from parting with his license for the first offense but for the second conviction he may lose the license for about 12 months.


If adults are found furnishing the alcohol to minors then they can be heftily fined at $1000 or 12 months in Jail. The same law applies to the authorized agency which is found guilty of serving alcohol to minors.


Open Container Laws

The transportation of alcohol from one point to another point is restricted by some open container laws. These laws demand that the alcohol bottles which are already opened should be transported in a truck where the driver or passengers don’t have any access to those bottles.


BAC Limits
The Georgian alcohol laws also follow the same permissible BAC limits like other US states. The maximum BAC limit permissible for a driver is 0.08 percent. Over this level, the driver is declared as toxicated and can be handed harsh punishments.


Zero tolerance laws are encouraged to save underage drivers from indulging in drunk driving. The stricter penalties and limits are imposed on underage drivers. The person under the age of 21 is allowed to drive with only 0.02 BAC of alcohol.


The strictest ever alcohol laws in Georgia have helped the State curb alcohol related offenses.   


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Alcohol Law In Georgia