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How to Ship Cake

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If you are wondering how to ship cake to your loved ones on a birthday, anniversary, special occasion or on Christmas, here are some shipping cake ideas which will help you succeed in what may seem an impossible task. You can successfully ship cake by observing care and caution in the recipe and packaging.

Shipping cake can be a risky task as you never know what shipping and mailing packages go through while in transit and whether it will stay at an ideal cake-shipping temperature. There is no guarantee that a decorated cake made with such meticulous love and care will reach its destination in perfect condition. Shipping decorated cakes and pastries requires greater care and proper packing methods along with prayers to better the chances of it being successfully shipped without much damage.


Here are some great ship cake ideas.


Tools Required

  1. Cake to be shipped
  2. Plastic saran wrap
  3. Aluminum foil
  4. Styrofoam cooler which can fit the cake
  5. Cake box
  6. Styrofoam packaging peanuts
  7. Corrugated shipping box
  8. Two-inch pressure sensitive plastic tape
  9. Scissors
  10. Permanent marker

Instructions -

Precaution during construction or choosing a cake to ship - If you want to ship  cake with icing, check that the icing is a stiff one like fondant, which holds its own even when warm. Avoid sending cakes with fluffy icing and frosting.

Freeze cake before packing to ship – This will help to firm the icing and the cake to hold shape.  Freezing also helps to keep the cake fresh. Remove the cake container from the freezer just before your ready to pack to ship cake.

Pack cake - Carefully wrap the frozen cake in plastic saran wrap or bubble wrap (bubble side in) from top to bottom, to provide cushioning and protection from all sides. Wrapping the cake again in aluminum foil with help to keep it cool.

Place cake in a Styrofoam cooler – This is sure to keep it cool. Pack the box with Styrofoam packaging peanuts to give more protection and cushioning and reduce movement. If you don’t have a Styrofoam cooler, place the cake in a hard and sturdy cardboard cake box. Wrapping the Styrofoam cooler or cake box in bubble wrap will give added protection. 

Place the packed cake in a sturdy cardboard box which is 2 inches larger than the Styrofoam or cardboard box. Add more Styrofoam peanuts or bubble paper to fill the space on all sides and provide sturdy insulation. Close the box and shake it to see if the cake box is moving. 

Seal shut - Once satisfied, seal the box with multiple layers of two-inch wide, plastic tape at all seams. Do not use cellophane tape or masking tape as they come off easily.  

Mark and address the cake - Use a black marker to write or print/type the delivery address parallel to the longest side of the package. Mark box with ‘THIS SIDE UP’ with an arrow pointing up, on all sides, to Encourage Careful Handling and add words like "perishable" and “fragile”.


Ship cake by using a shipping service that would ship cake on the same day or overnight to reduce chances of spoilage and damage.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is best to ship cakes without frosting or those with the frosting packed in a separate container.
  • The key to ship cake is to make sure that it is sturdy and stable by providing lost of insulation, cushioning and wrapping in layers.
  • Use bubble wrap with large bubbles and tape the bubble wrap to the box.
  • Ship the cake posthaste. Ship perishable foods like cake as soon as possible so that the cake arrives in one piece and in edible condition at its destination.


Follow these ship cake ideas and tips on how to ship cakes and to send your dear ones a cake anywhere, at any occasion.

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How To Ship Cake