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Gourmet FoodA person who has a good taste and understanding of varied cuisine of the world. Gourmet food would include delicacies which are unique in their own right and can be enjoyed and relished by a person who has a deep understanding of tastes and texture of food.

To name a few delicacies to help understand this word better-

Caviar - Russian delicacy of sturgeon roe( fish eggs)

Fois gras - French delicacy Liver of Goose

Plovers eggs - Chinese delicacy

Birds nest soup - Indonesian delicacy

Shashimi- Japanese delicacy- raw fish sliced

Sorpotel - Goan Delicacy - Pork dish with blood of pig.

Haggis- Scottish Delicacy- Stomach of sheep filled with meat and cooked

Suckling Pick - Chinese - Kid pork stuffed with meat

Brain fry - Indian delicacy - Lamb's brains fried

Kakori Kebab- Indian delicacy- lamb mince

Goshtaba - Kashmiri Delicacy .

Gilaffi Kulcha - Indian bread.

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