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Licorice Facts - To Eat Or Not To Eat

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Ever wondered growing up without those delicious licorice candies? Well I certainly can’t. However, there is much more to Licorice than just the candies. Read on these Licorice facts to know more.



Licorice, the herb apart from providing that delicious taste to the candies also holds a whole lot of medicinal qualities. Especially in ancient Greece, China and India licorice was often used to treat various ailments.


  1. Due to its cough suppressant properties, Licorice has been widely used to treat cough and bronchitis.


  2. Licorice is also known to fight indigestion and gastric troubles.

  3. One of the most popular Licorice facts is that the root of the plant is a very effective mouth freshener when chewed raw.



The Word Of Caution


Though Licorice is popular in all age groups, primarily because of the candies, the overdose of the herb may cause some side effects.


1 Excessive consumption of Licorice is known to be poisonous to the liver.


2 People suffering from High Blood Pressure, diabetes, kidney or liver diseases must avoid consuming Licorice in high quantities.


Though the side effects of Licorice consumption are reversible and can be combated once the intake of Licorice is stopped, It is still recommended not to exceed the consumption as it is popularly said that it is incorrect to overdo anything.


Now, since you are completely aware about the Licorice facts, savor the taste and the goodness of the herb to the fullest. But, remember do not overdo it.



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Licorice Facts - To Eat Or Not To Eat