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Looking to put together an Group

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To any New Yorkers or New Jerseys I am interested in starting a group that would want to possibly once a month pick a restaurant , food type and eat there. We than can review this in a group format. Suggestions on types of foods , weather expensive or good value . Menu selections , and then rate the placeIf anyone is interested in joining me please send me an e-mail through my address here at ifood.tvthanks" The Tortilla Guy"

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Count me in.. I love eating out.
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Ooops....I am in India,But this theme also will be apply in India.Indian Team.....Are you ready??
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Mr. Tortilla Guy,great team be ready for this nice approach.
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tell me more
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Well Shakti & AlespriteWhat I would like to do is get a small group together , get suggestions as to what the food of the month should be. Decide on a place and chat about it . The food , the drinks , the dessert even the parking !! Pictures on the wall , if we feel that is was good value for the money. whatever !!!"The Tortilla Guy"
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i love the idea - lets start asap - we can start with my birthday which is on june 10th - well i am throwing a party and though it wont be much around food (more dancing and hanging out in a lounge) , we can follow it up with the food party on june 11th (sunday)
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I wish I could be there !!! But will be attending The International Dairy Deli Show in California. But Happy Birthday and lets go have dinner when I am back !!!"The Tortilla Guy"
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Wow on this Big Web Site we can't get a small group of people that would like to explore new place to eat and than talk about it !!!Come on Foodies !!!!"The Tortilla Guy"
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great idea.......
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are you from the metro N.Y. area and like to join ? The Tortilla Guy
Looking To Put Together An Group