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Tim's Taste Tour Hits the Road - Taking America, One Grocery Chain at a Time!

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For a small company to get a new product on the shelves of America's biggest grocery chains is virtually impossible. At least that is the conventional wisdom. But Tim Lawhorn, CEO of Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings (His own creation as a former chef) is not a conventional guy. The way he tells it, credit must go to God because so many doors have been opened in the short 3 year history of his company. As he puts it, "I am just not that smart, so it must be God!" Most food brokers and distributors are amazed that Tim is actually headed towards a National distribution, armed only with an amazing product and a contagious enthusiasm. His latest "Taste Test Road Trips" have landed his product in all the Bi-Lo Supermarkets and to be currently under consideration by Kroger Supermarkets. Yes, that Kroger! Second only to Walmart when in comes to sheer numbers of stores. How does he do it? Well, he first convinces the top brass that they really need to taste how the seasoning works to appreciate it's mass appeal. Then he offers to come and cook for them! That's right, Tim and his daughter drove from Haines City, Fl to Cincinnati, OH to set up a grill in front of Kroger's downtown headquarters. By 10 am he had his presentation ready - 3 platters of bite-sized morsels of chicken, pork, steak, fish and veggies. When the board room at Bi-Lo was done tasting, Lawhorn's was a shoe-in and is now in all their stores. The verdict is still out on Kroger, but if Tim's Cinderella story continues he will win his way into their 3000 stores too! Learn more here -

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Tim's Taste Tour Hits The Road - Taking America, One Grocery Chain At A Time! Video