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Pringles Can Designer’s Ashes Packed In The Original Pringles Can!

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Pringles Can Designer Buried

Fredric Baur gave life to the iconic Pringles Can and now, the can remains a close companion even in his death!


Fredirc Baur, the famed product designer invented the world renowned Pringles can that holds the uniformly shaped chips. These cans did not impress the consumers right away when they hit the markets in 1966. Eventually, though, they gained popularity and were consequently recognized across the globe because of its innovative packaging. Thus, giving an impetus to the all new snack culture.


Larry Baur, the eldest son of the Pringles can man had laughed off the idea when his Dad first informed him of his last wishes, that of being packed into a Pringles can! However, the idea took root gradually and Larry and his siblings found themselves agreeing to it once their father passed away succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease. Fredric J. Baur breathed his last on May 4 at the Vitas Hospice, Cincinnati. 


The Baur heirs got a huge Pringle Can of burial size from Walgreen just before they finalized their arrangements with the funeral home.  There had been some initial hesitation about the flavor that would be the most appropriate. However, the problem was solved as the Baur siblings decided to go for the original form. A part of his ashes were packed into the can with the rest being placed in a regular urn that was buried deep within Baur’s  grave at the Springfield Township.


And now the creator rests in peace within his creation!


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Pringles Can Designer’s Ashes Packed In The Original Pringles Can!