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Coconut Oil Side Effects

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Though Coconut oil is praised for its health benefits, experts have come out with certain coconut oil side effects which may even become fatal. This oil that comes from coconut palm tree is used as a remedy for number of skin problems, damaged hair, diabetes, and is known for its anti inflammatory effect. Many people are unaware about the side effects of coconut oil; here you can know the adverse effects that help to use this tropical oil carefully.

Coconut Oil Side Effects


Anaphylaxis and other allergic reactions


This is one of the side effects of coconut oil which is very life threatening. It is a serious allergic reaction caused by consumption of coconut oil. Anaphylaxis arises suddenly; it is a whole body allergic reaction which is severe and may even become fatal. Further individuals who are allergic to hazelnuts may develop cross reactions to coconuts. This is one of the coconut oil side effects found in people who are hypersensitive to coconut.


Coconut oil and heart diseases


So far it is believed that saturated fats are not good for health. Since the fats get accumulated in the blood vessel causing blockage in arteries, high blood pressure and leads to other cardio vascular problems. Specifically in coconut oil, you can find 92% of saturated fatty acids which is a high level when compared to other oils that has only 13 to 18% of saturated fatty acids. However, coconut defenders do not accept this and say that studies conducted decade ago is inconsistent. They say that coconut oil is made using medium chained fatty acids (MCFA) unlike other oil which are made up of long chained fatty acids. MCFA is rare among foods which metabolizes easily and gets converted to energy without accumulating in the body. This is one of the side effects of coconut oil which is still under debate.


Die off effects


It is found that coconut oil is useful to treat fungal yeast infections like ringworm, athlete foot, Candida, and thrush; however this is when die off phenomenon takes place in the system. Die off occurs when anti fungal compounds in coconut oil start to kill the number of fungal organisms which in turn releases lot of toxins into the blood stream. Die off effect is one among the coconut oil side effects that causes flu like symptoms which may last for few days in individuals.


To avoid coconut oil side effects it is recommended to opt for oils that are certified by USDA United states department of agriculture.  Also buying virgin or organic can help to lessen or eliminate the coconut oil side effects

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Coconut Oil Side Effects