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When To Eat Fruits

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We all know that regular consumption of fruits helps in maintaining a proper health. But, do you always wonder when fruits are most effective and when to eat fruits?

It is important to take the fruits at right time while you face the health problems to avoid diseases and keeping your body in good health. The best time to take fruits is breakfast. Below mentioned are some of the diseases that can be treated or may be prevented by taking fruits in the breakfast.


When To Eat Fruits


Eat Fruits To Cholesterol Control – Try to prepare some fresh fruit by mixing apple, 4 pieces of cucumber, and wheat leaves. Drink this for breakfast and this will definitely reduce the cholesterol level of your body.


Eat Fruits To Halitosis Problem: This is common problem of stench of the mouth that can be cured by eating fruits. Prepare juice by mixing 2 tomatoes and 2 apples. Take this drink regularly during breakfast and reduce the problem of bad breath.


Eat Fruits To Reduce Constipation: You should try making juice by using 5 pieces of cucumber and some cabbage. Again take this juice in morning to get maximum benefits.


Eat Fruits To Improve Immune System – Fruits are best for the breakfast. Try to take a mixed juice made up of two carrots, bite of ginger, and apple during breakfast. This will surely help in improving your body’s immunity system.


Eat Fruits To Decrease The Body Temperature: To bring the body temperature in normal, prepare juice with 2 Bitter Gourd and 2 Apple. Take this juice in breakfast.


Eat Fruits To Get Smooth & Shiny Skin: Attention all dry skin people. You just need to prepare juice with 2 orange, 2-3 bite of ginger, 1 cucumber. Regularly drink this juice.


Eat Fruits For Stone problem: Fruits taken in the morning are best to eliminate stones from body. Just prepare juice with 5 pieces of pineapple, some pieces of water melon. Take this juice every day in the morning. It not only cures the problem related to urine system, but also improves the kidney functionality.


Eat Fruits To Control Diabetes: Natural sugar present in fruits is good for everyone, even for the patients of Diabetes. Prepare juice with pear, bite of ginger, 1 bitter gourd, 1 apple, 4 pieces of cucumber, 4-5 basil and 1 orange. Take this juice in breakfast.


So the answer to the question when to eat fruits is simple, just take fruits in the morning to get maximum benefits.


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When To Eat Fruits