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Side Effects Of Salmon

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Salmon side effectsSalmon is often recognized for its unusual omega-3 fatty acid content but recent reports on the side effects of salmon have raised the alarm on its consumption. Salmon is commonly refereed to several species of fish belonging to family Salmonidae. It is one of the most important sea foods which are relished in different forms. Furthermore, the rich composition of proteins and vitamin D along with omega-3 fatty acids makes it one of the healthy foods. However, certain adverse effects related to salmon consumption have also been found, let’s have a look on them.


Mercury Poisoning Due To Salmon

Being aquatic in nature, salmon becomes one of the important reservoirs of mercury. Mercury and other heavy metals which are common industrial pollutants are discharged in the sea. All these harmful chemicals get deposited in the body of salmon through sea water which in turn is consumed by us. Several health disorders due to mercury poisoning often starts appearing in the individual in due course of time. It is one of the alarming side effects of salmon that has put a question mark on its consumption.


Susceptibility To Tapeworm

These days raw salmon dishes like crudo, sushi, and tartare are becoming very popular. However, by consuming raw salmon, we often expose our body to tiny tapeworm larva which resides in raw salmon. The larvae travel to the intestine and disturb its normal function which has adverse effects on our body.


Kidney Stones

Salmon consumption should be restricted if an individual is susceptible to health disorders related to purines. Salmon being a rich source of purines, increases the risk of kidney stones in the body. Purines are naturally occurring substance found in salmon. On consumption of salmon, purines break down into uric acid and get deposited in the body. Excessive deposition of uric acid causes kidney stones in the body. It can also trigger the symptoms of gout, so individuals with such disorders should avoid eating salmon.


These were some of the side effects of salmon which is mainly due to the man-made reasons. Thus, to remain protected from adverse effects of salmon consumption one should take it in proper form. Furthermore, controlling environmental pollution is also important to minimize the health hazards related to mercury poisoning.


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Side Effects Of Salmon