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Side Effects Of Spinach

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Spinach side effectsOne should be aware of the side effects of spinach besides the health benefits associated with it. Most of the adverse effects associated with this leafy vegetable are due to its nutrient composition. Being a rich source of iron, calcium and other important minerals and vitamins, spinach is considered very healthy. However, these nutrients adversely affect the body if taken in large quantity.

Coarseness Of Teeth

One of the common side effects of spinach consumption is the feeling of grittiness in the teeth. This is due to the crystals of oxalic acid present in the spinach. The crystals do not dissolve easily and cause coarseness of teeth. Nevertheless, this coarseness can be easily removed by brushing.


Stomach Disorders

One may experience following symptoms after eating lots of spinach.

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Stomach cramps

The reason behind these side effects of spinach lies in its high fiber content. Most of the people take time to adjust with increased fiber in the diet.  So, they should always drink a glass of water for better processing of the fiber present in this leafy vegetable. It should not be taken lightly as sometimes spinach eating can also cause diarrhea.


Kidney Stones

Individuals suffering from kidney stone should avoid the consumption of spinach. The vegetable is rich in purines which get converted into uric acid in the body. Increased level of uric acid in addition to the high oxalate content of spinach increases the risk of kidney stones.


These were some of the side effects of spinach which should not be overlooked. One should seek immediate medical attention if any of the abovementioned symptoms appear after the intake of spinach.


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Side Effects Of Spinach