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Side Effects Of Oats

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Oats side effectsSide effects of oats are very rare in occurrence. The negative effects are more prevalent if it is taken in improper from or somebody is sensitive to the cereal. Else, oat is a very healthy food which has recently got more recognition due to its cholesterol lowering abilities. Oatmeal is becoming more popular these days due to its ability to promote cardiovascular health. It is considered a healthy food, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. These were the positive effects of eating oat; now let’s have a look on oats side effects.


Digestive Track Disorders And Intestinal Blockage

Oats are often associated with several digestive tract disorders in which the esophagus, stomach, and intestines are adversely affected. In extreme cases, it may also block the intestines and the person may suffer from intestinal gas and bloating.


Factors Behind Intestinal Blockage

Eating oats is good for health but it should be chewed properly. If an individual is not able to chew properly due to missing teeth or ill fitted denture, he might swallow the oatmeal without chewing it properly. Improperly chewed oats results into several digestive problems that block the intestine in longer time frame.


Unsafe For Gluten Sensitive People

One of the side effects of oats is due to its gluten content. Gluten sensitive individuals suffering from celiac disease should avoid its intake in any form else they may suffer from same reactions which they experience after having wheat flour.


In this way we have seen that side effects of oats can be avoided if necessary precautions are taken. Gluten sensitive people should avoid it and others should start with a low dose to minimize the side effects that results due to poor chewing.


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Side Effects Of Oats