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Side Effects Of Carrot

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Carrot side effectsSide effects of carrot are not worrisome as it affects the individual only for short period. Furthermore, the root vegetable is a rich source of 490 phytochemcials that bestows lots of healing properties in it. An antioxidant – B carotene is abundantly present in it that boosts our immune system and protects the cells from any damage. However, excessive eating of carrots often results into certain ill effects. Let’s see how does carrot adversely affects our body.


Major Side Effects Of Carrot


Unsafe For Small Children

Carrot products are not safe for small children so they should not be given in excessive amount in the nursing bottles to the children. It should be taken care that small children should always be fed with carrots in food amounts.


Allergic Reactions

Hives, skin rashes and swelling are some of the common side effects of carrot which appears in individuals hypersensitive to carrot. The allergies are due to the allergen present in carrot pollen which can sometimes lead to diarrhea, asthma and anaphylactic reactions. People who already are allergic to birch, strawberry, nuts, stone fruits, mugwort, potato, mustard, carrot and celery should remain cautious as the allergens are similar as found in carrots.


Withdrawal Symptoms

Craving for carrot is very rare but if somebody has a habit of compulsive carrot eating, he might suffer from certain withdrawal symptoms. Trying to get rid of the habit of compulsive carrot eating may appear in form of negative effects like nervousness, irritability, water brash and insomnia.


Not Advisable For Breast-feeding Women

Carrot enriches the body with important vitamins and minerals but certain carrot side effects appear in them. It has been found that carrot juice alters the flavor of breast milk. So, nursing women should cautiously take carrot.


Interaction With Certain Pre-existing Diseases

If a person is suffering from low blood sugar, diabetes, bowel obstruction or hormone sensitive conditions, he should consult the health care provider before taking carrot in any form. Carrot is supposed to interact with such diseases and in some cases it triggers the symptoms.


These were some of the side effects of carrot which one should remain aware of. It’s better to restrict it’s consumption to food amounts so that one can enjoy eating carrot and reap its health benefits.


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Side Effects Of Carrot