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Side Effects Of Bitter Gourd

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Side effects of bitter gourdBitter gourd is associated with numerous health benefits so it becomes a tough task to imagine the side effects of bitter gourd. However, this bitter fruit has some bitter effects on health in certain conditions. Bitter gourd is commonly cooked and eaten and it is very common in Chinese cooking and Okinawan cuisine. Apart from several medicinal uses, the fruit is reckoned for its efficacy in treating type 2 diabetes. However, there  are some side effects of consuming bitter gourd which are explained in the following section.


Major Side Effects Of Bitter Gourd


Stomach Pain And Diarrhea

It is rare in occurrence but consumption of bitter gourd can cause stomach pain, bloating, headache and even diarrhea in some individuals. However, it is not worrisome as the side effects subside within few days, if proper care is taken.


Drug Interaction

The efficacy of bitter gourd in lowering the blood sugar is a well known fact but it sometimes pose danger especially in individuals on diabetes medication. It is advisable for diabetics to regularly monitor the blood sugar level and consult a doctor for any change in the dose of diabetes medicines as bitter gourd should not be combined along with diabetes medicines. 


Hypoglycemic Coma

The fruit has the ability to affect the glucose level in the blood so it may sometime cause glucose deficiency in the blood and lead to the situation called hypoglycemic coma. In this case, the brain gets deprived from the glucose and starts looking for other sources of energy. This is one of the side effects of bitter gourd which is more common in children so they should be given the fruit in moderate amount.


Abortion In Pregnant Women

Bitter gourd is considered unsafe for pregnant women as it may cause abortion. It is known to induce menstruation so women trying to conceive should regulate its consumption.


The above information on the side effects of bitter gourd would certainly help you in taking necessary precautions to remain protected from any of its ill effects.


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Side Effects Of Bitter Gourd