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Side Effects Of Gelatin

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Gelatin side effectsSide effects of gelatin are always concerning as the product is animal in origin. However, it is considered safe if taken in food amounts. It is produced from the collagen present in animal’s skin and has numerous uses in different industries. Gelatin acts as a gelling agent accordingly it is used in preparing different foods. We consume it indirectly in different forms, so it becomes important to remain aware of its side effects; let’s have a look on them.


Some Side Effects Of Gelatin


Unpleasant Taste

If a food contains more than required amount of gelatin, your taste bud might have to suffer from unpleasant tang. So, if you are involved in cooking food with the use of gelatin, make sure the amount of gelatin doesn’t exceed from normal.


Bloating And Belching

Excessive intake of gelatin may lead to bloating and belching. In some extreme cases, one may experience heaviness in the stomach and even heartburn. These side effects of gelatin can be easily controlled if necessary steps are taken in due course of time.



As mentioned that gelatin is animal in origin, so some individuals have been found very sensitive to it. This often appears in different types of allergies. If you find any of the allergic reactions after having gelatin, immediately consult your health care provider.


Risk Of Mad Cow Disease

One of the serious side effects of gelatin may appear in the transmission of mad cow disease into humans. Although, risk is very low as necessary precautions are taken during the manufacturing processes but even mild contamination of gelatin products with infected animal tissue may transmit the dreaded germ into human beings.


Pregnant And Breast-feeding Women

No safety standards have been set for pregnant and breast-feeding regarding the safe amount of gelatin consumption. However, it is better to stay on safe side and avoid its intake to remain protected from any of gelatin’s ill effects.


These were some of the side effects of gelatin which are very rare in occurrence. However, if you notice any of the abovementioned symptoms, immediately consult your doctor.


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Side Effects Of Gelatin