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Pine Nut Oil Side Effects

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Pine nuts oil side effects are  minimal when compared to other fats and oils. This oil which is extracted from almost all varieties of pine is widely used for medicinal purposes. Besides medicinal uses, you may find pine nuts and oils being used in Greek and Italian cuisines. It is a popular quality finishing oil that is usually used after cooking. The health benefits of pine nut oil are indeed many; however you can find few side effects of pine nut oil. Know the pine nut oil side effects by reading this article.




Notable Pine Nut Oil Side Effects


Allergic reactions

People who are allergic to nuts may come across similar allergic reaction to pine nut oil too. Few people do not find pine nut oil suitable as it leads to many adverse reactions like runny rose, watery eyes, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps.  It is advisable for people with nut related allergy to consult doctor before consumption to avoid side effects of pine nut oil.


Pine nut oil should not be used directly for cooking as it has a low smoke point. This means it is likely to smoke or burn at low temperatures. This is why, you can find this oil very popular as finishing oil which is used after cooking and not recommended for sautéing and frying.


There are various guidelines to use Pine nut oil, failing to do so could lead to skin irritation. This is one of the common pine nut oil side effects.  The higher concentrated oil can irritate the sensitive skin, so whenever you use them on skin dilute the oil with water.

Pine nut oil is commonly used in France, china, and Russia and people in United States have started to use this oil.  They are available both in capsule and liquid form in health stores else you can buy them online. Choose to buy the reputed brand to avoid any Pine nut oil side effects because adulteration and any other impurities can also cause adverse reactions in post-use phase.

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Pine Nut Oil Side Effects