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Side Effects Of Chili

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Chili side effects


Side effects of chili are as common as are its uses in cooking. However, the good thing is that none of the side effects pose any serious threat to the health and they are short lived. In addition, the magnitude of chili ill-effects varies among person to person. Read further to know about the dangers of eating chili.


Common Side Effects Of Chili


Eye Irritation

Eye contact with chili often results into irritation. The irritant factor is known as capsaicin which is the main ingredient of chili. So, one should avoid eye contact while cooking or eating chili. The effect is not prolonged but it is troublesome as it can result into stinging pain, intense tearing and sometimes blepharospasm and conjunctivitis.   


Skin Allergies

Skin contact to chili often results into certain skin allergies. It proves to be hazardous and acts as skin irritant or sensitizer in many cases. Individuals who are sensitive to capsaicin often experience burning sensation so; they should avoid eating chili or take necessary precaution while handling it.


Nausea And Abdominal Pain

Excessive consumption of chili may result into nausea and vomiting. These side effects of chili are more common among children as they are more sensitive to the components present in it. In extreme cases, one may also suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea. So, it becomes important to restrict the consumption of chili in any form.


Lung Irritant

Chili has also the properties of lung irritant. If taken in large quantity it acts as a lung sensitizer and irritate the lung muscles.


These were some of the side effects of chili which one often comes across if chili is not handled properly or taken in large amount. We all know that it is a spice so it should be used only in the quantity justified for a flavouring agent. If eaten moderately, one can enjoy several health benefits of chili else would suffer from its irritating side effects.


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Side Effects Of Chili