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Side Effects Of Rosemary

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Rosemary side effectsSide effects of rosemary often do not appear if the herb is taken in culinary or medicinal dose. In recommended quantity, it acts as a popular spice used in flavoring foods, especially for Mediterranean dishes. Apart from culinary uses, the herb has several traditional medicinal importances. However, over consumption of rosemary herbs may result into certain health hazards which are narrated here with outline details.


Some Side Effects Of Rosemary


Decreased Iron Absorption

Rosemary is known to interfere with iron absorption in the body. So, person suffering from anemia should avoid the consumption of rosemary in any form.


Inflammation Of Digestive Tract

Excessive consumption of rosemary often results into vomiting and inflammation of digestive tract. Spasm, kidney irritation, and swelling in the lungs are the other side effects of rosemary when it is taken in large quantity or frequently. The severity of these situations can also cause coma and may prove fatal too.


Unsafe For Pregnant Women

The herb acts as an abortifacient that makes it unsafe for pregnant women. They should not consume it in medicinal doses even or in any other form as it is known to stimulate menstruation and provide harm to the uterus.


Worsening Of Certain Diseases

One of the common side effects of rosemary is its ability to trigger the symptoms of certain pre-existing diseases. So, individuals suffering from blood pressure, chronic ulcers, epilepsy, or colitis should never take rosemary internally as it worsens the disorder.



Certain allergies are also associated with rosemary in the form of skin redness, increased sensitivity to sunlight and rashes.


Alteration Of Blood Sugar Level

Diabetics should always monitor their blood sugar level and the dose of medicines they are taking to control diabetes as rosemary intake alters the blood sugar level.


Interference With Blood Clotting

Individuals on blood thinning drugs should consult the health care provider before taking rosemary, as the herb is known to interfere with the blood clotting ability. Apart from it, individuals on blood pressure medications should also restrict the intake of rosemary;. in case they are advised with any rosemary based medicines, they should regularly monitor the dosage of medicines as the spice can alter the blood pressure level abruptly.


Thus, we have seen that side effects of rosemary can be easily avoided if taken in restrcted amount and under the guidance of medical professionals.  


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Side Effects Of Rosemary