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Side Effects Of Cheese

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Cheese side effectsIf you are crazy for cheese, you should better know about the side effects of cheese so that you can get hold on its consumption. However, cheese is a good source of protein, calcium, phosphorus, and fat, but is associated with certain health hazards if eaten in unhealthy manner. Read further, to know about the dangers associated with cheese eating.




Common Side Effects Of Cheese


Stomach Pain And Diarrhea

Eating cheese in excess amount can cause stomach pain. Many a times, people suffer with indigestion after eating cheese. The severity of excess cheese consumption can also lead to diarrhea. All these effects can be controlled if one restricts the daily intake of cheese.



Cheese lacks in fiber composition and is a rich source of animal fat, so it often becomes a source of constipation if taken regularly in large amount.


Exposure To Harmful Chemicals

Cheese is a dairy product prepared from the milk of cows, buffalo, goat or sheep. Along with fresh green grass, all these animals are fed with different types of feeds which are often contaminated with chemicals. On consumption of cheese, these chemicals get indirectly accumulated in the body and we indirectly get susceptible to diseases associated with them.


Cardiovascular Disorders

Cheese is one of the richest sources of fat which tends to clog the arteries. It further results into several cardiovascular disorders which can turn fatal if not treated on time. This is one of the common and most serious side effects of cheese over consumption, which should never be overlooked.



Foods rich in saturated fat and trans fatty acids may enhance sebum production in the body. Cheese being one of such foods, may cause acne if eaten regularly.



Most of us would not have heard about it but this is true that cheese lovers often get addicted to it. This condition is referred as ‘cheese addiction’ in medical science and many studies are going on this topic.


These were some of the side effects of cheese which should never be overlooked. One should scale down its consumption to remain fit and healthy forever.


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Side Effects Of Cheese