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Evening Primrose Oil Side Effects

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Besides many health benefits there are few evening primrose oil side effects about which majority of  people are unaware. In case you are one of them you can account this article as a ready reckoner about the side effects of evening primrose. The oil which is derived from the evening primrose plant seed is used as an herbal medicine to cure various diseases. The gamma linoleic acid in evening primrose is believed to be the reason for its efficacy. Evening primrose oil is used to treat fibrocystic breast, osteoporosis, acne, premenstrual syndrome, eczema, ulcerative colitis, and many more diseases. But it is always recommended to know evening primrose oil side effects for safe and productive use.



Prime Side effects Of Evening Primrose Oil


People with seizure should avoid taking evening primrose as it enhances the chances of seizures. In people who take anti psychotic drugs and those who are undergoing anesthesia are not recommended to take evening primrose oil as it increases the risk of seizures. In case you undergo any surgery with anesthesia, you should stop taking the oil two to three weeks before the surgery. Better consult your doctor to avoid the side effects of evening primrose oil,


This is one of the evening primrose oil side effects that have bad effects on people with bleeding disorder. Omega 3 fatty acids in this oil can lead to excess bleeding, and symptoms that arise due to abnormal bleeding like black stools and blood in vomit.


Pregnancy and evening primrose oil are linked together for long. It is believed that the prostaglandin compounds in the oil makes the cervix soft and prepares women for labor.  It is usually given after 35 months as when used before can cause pre term labor. However recent report states that a women who has taken evening primrose oil one week ahead her delivery gave birth to an infant with bleeding beneath skin surface as the capillaries were broken. This is one of the alarming evening primrose oil side effects. It better to be safe than to be sorry, so take your doctor’s help before taking evening primrose oil.

Stomach irritation and Headache

These two are the other common side effects of evening primrose oil.  The side effect can lead to minor headache to severe migraine and vomiting to indigestion. However these can be avoided to an extend by adjusting the dosages.

Learning both evening primrose oil side effects and benefits is important to avoid unwanted reactions. FDA has still not approved evening primrose oil, though its use is recommended by many health practitioners.

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Evening Primrose Oil Side Effects