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Flax Seed Oil Side Effects

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Flax seed oil is very popular as nutritional supplement as it is a rich plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is necessary to learn the flax seed oil side effects since promoters hype the benefits and suppress the side effects in order to boost the sales. Though flax seed oil works well as a remedy to number of medical conditions, one should not overlook the side effects of flax seed oil. Knowing the flax seed oil side effects allows individuals to use it in the right quantity, and for the proper medical condition.



Major Side effects of Flax Seed Oil

Blood clotting

Blood clotting is affected by consuming flax seed oil, specifically when taken in higher amounts. In case of any cuts, it takes long time to clot. It also causes other symptoms of bleeding like black tools, blood in the vomit, and stool. This is one of the flax seed oil side effects that become worrisome to people who take blood thinning pills like Heparin and Coumadin. Those who are under such medications should consult doctor before taking flax seed oil.


Flax seed oil is considered unsafe for pregnant women as it enhances the risk of premature birth. This is because phyto-estrogen in flax seed oil promotes menstruation, so premature birth is more likely to happen in second or third trimester. This is considered one of the highly unsafe flax seed oil side effects

Anti inflammatory effect

It is known that Omega 3 fatty acid has the ability to prevent chronic inflammation on the arteries that enhances plaque formation and damages the vessel walls. However as per the study revealed by “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” flax seed oil is not very effective to treat inflammatory conditions. Few more studies conducted shows that in many cases flax seed oil can enhance the inflammation.

Other flax seed oil side effects

  • The high consumption of ALA or alpha linoleic acid present in flaxseed oil enhances the chances of developing macular generation.
  • It increases the risk of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.
  • Cooking flax seed oil can lead to adverse effects. So always use it cold or at room temperature. It is advisable to use it cold on smoothies, shakes and salads
  • One of the well known side effects of flax seed is diarrhea. When 30g or more can cause severe diarrhea.

It is necessary look into flax seed oil side effects when you plan to use the natural supplement. Use it according to your doctor’s advice to reap its benefits.

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Flax Seed Oil Side Effects