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Side Effects Of Parsley

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Parsley side effectsSide effects of parsley should be known to everyone as the herb is commonly used as a flavoring agent. Apart from its uses as a culinary herb, the plant has several nutritional and medicinal values. However, excessive consumption of parsley or its improper intake is associated with certain side effects. Let’s know about them in the following section.





Major Side Effects Of Parsley


Oxalate Deposition

This culinary herb is one of the richest sources of oxalates which get deposited in the body on its consumption. It’s safe if taken in food amounts but excess deposition of oxalates in the body results into several health disorders especially related to kidney and gall bladder.


Unsafe For Kidney And Gallbladder Patients

Intake of parsley in any form should be avoided if the person is suffering from kidney or gallbladder diseases as it worsens the symptoms by depositing more oxalate in the body.


Internal Bleeding

The herb is known to enhance the effects of warfarin therapy as it increases the risk of internal bleeding if taken in excess amount.


Skin Allergy

Some side effects of parsley are seen in the form of skin allergy ; mucous membrane reactions have also been reported in individuals sensitive to this herb.


Unsafe For Pregnant Women

Use of parsley seeds is not advisable during pregnancy as they can cause uterine bleeding and uterine muscle contraction. Emmenagogue and abortion are other side effects which might occur after the intake of parsley by pregnant women.


Headache and Giddiness

In certain situations, ingestion of parsley oil leads to headache, giddiness, convulsions and loss of balance which should be immediately treated by consulting a health care provider.


Fluid Retention

Certain research studies have indicated that excessive consumption of parsley might cause edema. In such situations, body holds on excess salt which increases fluid retention leading to edema.


High Blood Pressure

As mentioned, that excess intake of parsley may increase the body’s capacity to hold sodium, so it may also lead to high blood pressure in certain situations.


If you ever come across the abovementioned side effects of parsley, don’t overlook them. Instead, consult your doctor to avoid the occurrence of any serious health disorder.   


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Side Effects Of Parsley