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Side Effects Of Onion

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Onion side effectsIt is functional  knowing about the side effects of onion as it forms an integral part of various cuisines. Onion is not associated with serious ill effects but it being aware of the side effects is the safest way to avoid any health hazard concerning. You would get plenty of information on this aspect in the following section. Read further to know about them.



Some Side Effects Of Onion


Triggering Of Heart Burn

Onion is safe to eat in different preparations but its excessive consumption sometimes results into heart burn. The symptoms are more prevalent in individuals who already have the problem. In such cases, onion has been found to worsen the existing situation by triggering the heart burn.


Allergic Reactions

Very few allergies are associated with onion consumption, but some reports of skin rash, reddening of skin and itchy eyes have been found in individuals sensitive to onion.


Pregnant And Nursing Women

Onion is safe in food amounts for pregnant and nursing women. However, many women suffer from heartburn during these stages, so necessary precautions should be taken as onion may aggravate the symptoms. No safety reports are yet known about its consumption in large amounts, so it’s advisable for pregnant and breastfeeding women to restrict to the food amounts of onion.


Lowering of Blood Sugar

Diabetics should always consult with doctor and check the blood sugar regularly as onion consumption may lower the blood sugar.


Bad Breath

One of the most common side effects of onion is bad breath associated with eating raw onion. Many individual find this odor offensive but it doesn’t have any adverse impact on health. To avoid such situations, one should chew some mint after eating raw onion.


Eye Irritation

Onion side effect in the form of eye irritation is not associated with its consumption but it troubles many people. While peeling and cutting onion, certain compounds are liberated that irritates the lachrymal glands and produces irritation and tears in the eyes.


These were some of the side effects of onion which sometimes turn into health hazards though they are not worrisome. However, not to forget that apart from adding flavor and taste to various vegetarian and non vegetarian foods, onion has lots of health benefits, so one should reap its benefits by taking onion in proper form and food amount.     


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Side Effects Of Onion