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Side Effects Of Barley

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Barley side effectsSide effects of barely are difficult to imagine as it is considered one of the major food crops with plenty of  health benefits. Apart from food grain, it is also used as a natural sweetener, in making alcoholic beverages and for brewing beer. It has several medicinal uses but is also associated with certain ill effects. The benefits are well known, so let’s talk about barley side effects.


Some Side Effects Of Barley



Consumption of barley is considered safe but in some cases, it has been found that barley flour can cause asthma. If you find any of the symptoms associated with asthma, contact your doctor before taking barley in any form.


Unsafe For Pregnant Women

Oral intake of barley is not associated with any dangers but it becomes unsafe when taken in the form of sprouts. Pregnant women should always consult the health care provider before taking barley.


Breast-feeding Women Should Avoid Barley

Nursing women are asked to avoid barley even in the medicinal amounts. Not enough studies have been done on this aspect but on the basis of certain reported incidence, barley is considered unsafe for breast-feeding women.


Triggering of Celiac Disease

Gluten present in barley is known to worsen the celiac disease. It is one of the common side effects of barley, so individuals suffering from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease should completely avoid barley or any of it’s by products.


Lowering Of Blood Sugar

Barley is rich in fiber content, so it has marked influence in lowering the blood sugar level. So, if a person is diabetic and is on medication, he should consult a doctor to regulate the dosage as barley interferes with the medicines controlling the blood sugar level.


Not Advisable Before Undergoing Surgery

As mentioned that barley is known to influence the blood sugar level, so if a person has to undergo surgery, he should stop using barely. It is advisable that individuals should abstain from barley at least 2 weeks before the scheduled surgery.


These were some of the side effects of barley which are sometimes found in certain individuals. Else, the food grain is healthy and can be relished in different recipes.


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Side Effects Of Barley