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Side Effects Of Almond

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Almond side effects

Side effects of almond are not worrisome as they are very rare in occurrence. But to avoid any serious outcome, it is important to know about the adverse effects associated with eating almonds. Though, the nut is nutritionally rich and has many health benefits, but its consumption in excess quantity results into certain negative effects, which should be known to us. Read further to know about them.



Some Side Effects Of Almond


Allergic Reactions

Many people have reported allergic reactions on the consumption of almond. Oral allergic syndrome (OAS) is most commonly associated with almond. The allergies appear in the form of skin rashes, irritation, running nose, sneezing, and swelling of lips and tongue and closure of throat. So, individuals suffering from almond allergies should avoid the nut and its products.


Lowering Of Blood Sugar Level

The nut is known to lower the blood sugar level so individuals suffering from hypoglycaemia or diabetes should take necessary precautions. Special care should be taken if the individual is on medications, herbs, or supplements affecting blood sugar. In such cases, blood sugar should regularly be monitored and the dose should be adjusted by the medical practitioner.


Hair Loss

In research studies, it has been found that sweet almond has estrogen like activity. When injected in mice, incidence of hair loss was found. Though, there is no confirmed report on humans but one should avoid over consumption of almonds. In addition, inflammation in the leg joints was also reported in mice due to estrogen activity of sweet almonds.


Weight Gain

Almonds are rich in unsaturated fats, so its excessive consumption should totally be avoided. Accumulation of unsaturated fats in the body leads to weight gain and several diseases associated with excessive weight.



These were some of the side effects of almond. Knowing about these will help you take the right precautions at the right time. If the symptoms survive for long time, one should immediately consult the healthcare provider to avoid complications.






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Side Effects Of Almond