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Wendy's salad

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I can survive on salad for as long as I want. I love the crunch and the flavor. I usually make mine or get it from the supermarket.

My good friend took me to Wendy's the other day saying,  have a salad. I told her a burger joint is not my thing. I feel out of place in front of all those cow eaters.

In the end she won  and I ended up at Wendy's. I could not belive it they had a chicken salad, taco salad with chilli, caesar salad. But no garden salad. Although all are advertised as Garden Sensation.

Poor me a side salad for lunch. I would starve. I sais I could survive on salad not much salad. I ended up getting a baked potato with broccoli and cheese.

Disappointing, I wish more and more fast food places would make healther menus and give people the choice to decide what they want.

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Wendy's Salad