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Pickled Tea in Burma

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Burma is a country which eats Laphet - sour tea leaf salad. The tea is processed as a green tea and then left in underground wells for months where it matures.

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Tea In Burma
Burma is the country where people accomplish their daily dish with tea leaf salads. Also they guzzle lot of green tea, and mostly the leaf of green tea serves as salad.

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Fermented Tea leaf salad called Lephet Thoke is wonderful! When we have traveled to Myanmar we often order this special salad. Here a few restaurants do have it on the menus. We bought a supply of the fermented tea in Inlay Lake area, but alas we it was quickly gone. I often wonder if I could just grow tea here and ferment my own leaves. I must ask Burmese friends if they have any o spare. When you last there or when did you film this? Lephet Thoke (Fermented Green Tea Salad) 6 tbs lephet (fermented tea leaves) 4-5 cloves garlic, sliced and then deep-fried till crisp 1-3 green chiles, finely chopped 3 tbs dried shrimp, soaked and blended to powdery fluff (although sometimes served whole) 3 tbs, roasted peanuts 1 1/2 tbs, toasted sesame seeds 1 tbs fresh lime juice 1 tbs fish sauce (Thai nam pla) 1 1/2 tbs, peanut oil Traditionally, in many Burmese homes, this dish is served in a decorated lacquer ware container with different compartments for each ingredient-sort of like a bettal nut try, and you choose your own ingredients and serve yourself with little spoons or better yet your fingers. Finger bowls may be provided but not usually. Sometimes the ingredients are mixed and served as a salad, but most times it is served inb the separate way as a snack. You then do your own proportions. Sometimes they also serve a deep fried fava type bean, but I don't recall the name.
Pickled Tea In Burma, Tea In Burma