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Side Effects Of Wheat

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Wheat side effectsHave you ever heard about the side effects of wheat? Most us of would say no, but this is the fact that wheat which is one of the first cereals known to be domesticated, is associated with some adverse effects. Eaten in different forms, wheat forms a staple grain in many countries. So, it becomes important to know about the negative effects of eating wheat.


Some Important Side Effects Of Wheat


Gastrointestinal Dysfunction And Celiac Disease


Over consumption of wheat is reported to promote bacterial or fungal dysbiosis which in turn increases the intestinal immune response. It is the outcome of body’s response to the gluten protein – gliadin, found in the wheat. The symptoms are often reflected in the form of leaky gut syndrome and degradation of the intestinal lining. Individuals get more susceptible to parasitic infection and there is a marked decrease in the absorption of micronutrients in the body. All these results into poor health and some times chronic sickness. If the situation becomes, serious, the only way out is life long gluten free diet.


Pituitary Disturbances


Starch content in wheat is known to disrupt the pituitary hormones which are very important for the normal growth and development of our body. The disorder is mostly reported when the cereal is eaten in excessive amount for longer timeframe.


Pancreatic Dysfunction


Hyper or hypoglycaemia is also one of the side effects of wheat which results due to excessive eating of this food grain. The wheat starch in excess amount disrupts the pancreatic function which disturbs the insulin output. All these situations adversely affect the blood sugar level in the body which sometimes becomes fatal for diabetics.


Arthritis And Heart Disease


It’s difficult to imagine but over eating of wheat and wheat based product is also related to arthritis and heart disease. Our body needs more insulin to break down wheat and sugar that we eat. So, when excess wheat is consumed, the organ is forced to produce more insulin. The increased insulin level in the body is toxic that results into several health disorders like arthritis and heart problems.  


These were some of the side effects of wheat which are not common but it’s advisable to take necessary precautions, if any of the abovementioned symptoms are noticed.


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Side Effects Of Wheat