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How Much Cholesterol In Shellfish

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Shellfishes are tasty seafood but they are notoriously known for high-level of cholesterol content; therefore we believe cholesterol in shellfish might cause a great threat for heart patients as well as for general seafood lovers on regular consumption. Now the question is how much cholesterol in shellfish we may found and how far this cholesterol content in shellfish can harm our general health. The irony of fact is shellfish like shrimp, crustaceans, or mollusks are packed with potential contents which are obviously good for over all immunity system therefore it is quite relevant to evaluate the pros and cons of shellfish and shellfood consumption.



Cholesterol in shellfish: pros and cons


In shellfish category we can include almost all types of popular seafood; shrimp, lobster, pacific oyster, clams, and scallops are also in the seafood class and many of them form extremely tasty dishes and they contain health friendly elements like calcium, iron, omega-3 fatty acid, and iodine.


American Heart Association has confirmed that only 25 % of bad cholesterol comes from food intake and rest is released by liver. However, in case you are a non vegetarian and fond of seafood it is better to indulge the delicacies in moderation. It has been recommended that people with general health and normal blood count may consume up to 300mg/per day dietary cholesterol foods and people with 100 mg/dl are supposed to take less than 200 mg dietary cholesterol at their daily diet to be at the safer side of health.


Shellfish and cholesterol count

There is no point becoming obsessive about cholesterol amount in shellfish because the good news is cholesterol in shellfish like shrimp are of HDL type which is rather health friendly. So without being much bothered about the fact how much cholesterol in shellfish let’s have a look what are the positive factors of HDL cholesterol enriched food intake, in short shrimp etc intake.

  • Shrimp contains mostly HDL cholesterol which turns unhealthy LDL cholesterol down and maintains a healthy HDL and LDL proportion etc.
  • Fried and battered shellfish contains higher level of trans fat and saturated fats and that makes the problem for raising harmful cholesterol; therefore shrimp like shellfishes  are recommended to be consumed in grilled or boiled manner.
  • In some of variety of shellfish cholesterol accompanies sterol, a heart friendly agent which can reduce the adverse effect of cholesterol in body hence the impact of cholesterol gets reduces. Shellfish like clam and oysters are listed in this category.


We can safely conclude that serving shellfish in menu is rather healthy because  of quality cholesterol in shellfish but the serving process matters; if shellfish is served with butter and heavy sauces, it will surely spoil its health benefits and you will get negatively affected by bad cholesterol issue.

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How Much Cholesterol In Shellfish