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Side Effects Of Corn

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Corn side effectsWondering what could be the side effects of corn which forms one of the staple foods in many parts of world. To our surprise, it’s true that along with several uses in the form of human food, chemicals and medicines, corn is also associated with some adverse effects on health. Let’s have a look on the dangers of corn which we generally ignore but are worth consideration to avoid any long term health disorders.


Common Side Effects Of Corn


Risk Of Pellagra

If corn forms one of your staple foods, you have an increased risk of pellagra. Corn is deficient in niacin and the amino acids tryptophan and lysine which protect the body from pellagra. So, if corn forms one of your important foods, don’t forget to supplement your meal with other protein rich foods.


Allergic Reactions

Several allergies are the common dangers of corn which appears in the form of skin rash, vomiting, swelling of mucous membranes. In some cases, individuals also suffer from anaphylaxis and asthma attack after eating corn. One of the reasons behind such allergies is the presence of an indigestible protein which survives cooking and causes such problems in individuals sensitive to corn.


Bad For Diabetics

One of the common side effects of corn is its adverse effects on individuals suffering from diabetes as it is known to increase the blood sugar level. High carbohydrate content in corn raises the blood sugar level so it should be removed from the diet of diabetics.


Flatulence And Bloating

The starch present in corn is broken down in the large intestines and is often accompanied with the production of gas. So, over consumption of corn often results into bloating and flatulence. This situation lasts for several hours, so corn should never be over eaten.


Stomach Upset And Indigestion

Corn being rich source of fiber and other nutrients is very helpful in flushing the toxins from the body. On the other hand, when the cereal is eaten in large quantity, it results into stomach cramps and indigestion. It may compel you to visit the bathroom several times and can cause severe stomach upset.


Diarrhea And Intestinal Irritation

Eating of raw corn can result into diarrhea. It is also associated with severe intestinal disorders. If you find such symptoms after eating corn, consult your doctor immediately to avoid any serious disorder.


Tooth Decay

Decay of tooth due to the presence of sugar in the corn has also been reported in some individuals. Though, it is one of the rare corn side effects but often seen when corn is eaten excessively.



Corn is poor in calcium content so individuals who mostly rely on corn diet have increased chances of developing osteoporosis.  


From the abovementioned points, you must have got a fair idea on the side effects of corn. If you find some of the symptoms in you after eating corn, don’t overlook them and consult your health care provider to get rid of them.


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Side Effects Of Corn