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Side Effects Of Meat

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Meat side effectsSide effects of meat are important to discuss as it is relished by most of the people. Meat comes from various sources but the common factors among them are their animal origin and protein constituent. In most cases eating meat is beneficial as they are good source of essential amino acids, proteins and mineral. But meat eating is also associated with several side effects which should be known to everybody to avoid any potential health hazards. Let’s see some of the common negative effects of eating meat.


Some Side Effects Of Meat


Accumulation Of Free Radicals

Digestion of meat is more difficult. It is carried out by increase in oxidation process which results into production of more free radicals in the body. Various research studies have shown that free radicals present in the body are the source to number of health disorders. Thus, by consuming meat, we are accumulating free radicals in our body and getting more vulnerable to several diseases.


Deposition Of Toxic By-Products

Accumulation of toxic by-products of meat digestion is one of the side effects of meat which adversely affects the body in long term. Meat gets digested but its leftovers get deposited in the body. The leftovers are in the form of purines, rotten toxic substances which are forcefully moved to the intestines. In this way, meat results into the accumulation of toxic substances in the body which is not healthy.


Food Borne Illness

Meats are often infected with bacteria and other micro-organisms. If it is improperly cooked, one may suffer from food infection. In some cases, even proper cooking is also unable to destroy the germs in the meat and thus exposes the body to several microbes causing food borne illness.


Increased Risk Of Cancer

In present days cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases which is mostly reported in meat eating people. Meat is devoid of phytochemicals and antioxidants which protects the body from cancer. Moreover, it is rich in fat which produces hormone that causes hormone related cancers like breast and prostrate in the meat eaters.


Cardiovascular Disorders

Excessive meat eating is associated with several heart diseases due to high fat content.


These were some of the side effects of meat which if not considered seriously can turn into various health hazards. So, while enjoying the delicacies of meat just make sure that you don’t over eat them.


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Side Effects Of Meat