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Side Effects Of Dates

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Dates side effectsSide effects of dates are really tough to think for as these dry fruits are full of health benefits. But people who regularly take dates have witnessed certain complications if the fruit is eaten in large quantity. It also becomes prohibited in many health conditions. So, let’s see what are the negative effects associated with eating dates which otherwise is a very healthy item.


Some Rare Side Effects Of Dates


Can Increase The Blood Sugar Level


Dates are rich in sugar content which do not cause harm to healthy persons. But diabetics should not consume dates as it increases the risk of high blood sugar in them.


Not Good For People On Diet


People on diet should avoid eating this sweet dry fruit as weight gain is one of the side effects of dates. Though, the sugar present in them is natural and it doesn’t contribute much to the weight but people on weight loss might find it difficult to control weight while having dates.


Not Advisable During Diarrhea


If you are suffering from diarrhea, avoid taking dates as the fruits may worsen the condition. It can also trigger vomiting and cause uneasiness.


Stomach Cramps


Dates are rich source of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers. All these contribute to the health benefits of eating dates. In addition it is also rich in potassium which if taken in excess can trouble the stomach. If the fruit is eaten in excess amount, all these nutrients can lead to stomach cramps. So, never over eat dates and avoid stomach irritations.




Drinking a glass of water after eating fresh dates can cause bloating. Though it is one of the rare side effects of dates but one should take necessary precautions.


Uneasiness In Chest


Many people have reported uneasiness in chest and lungs after eating fresh dates. This negative effect is the outcome of the coarseness of the dry fruits. So, if you experience such symptoms, take care and contact you health provider if the situation gets out of control.


Obstruction In Intestines


In many cases it has been observed that excessive eating of green dates causes obstruction in the intestines. The situation is not worrisome but over eating should be avoided to reduce the risk of such health hazards.




Scientists have reported certain allergies which are associated with eating dates. So, if you observe any adverse symptoms after eating the fruit, consult your doctor.


These were some of the side effects of dates which are not worrisome. If taken precautions, one can easily remain protected from these ill effects and enjoy the several health benefits of date fruit.


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Side Effects Of Dates