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Side Effects Of Egg

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Egg side effectsSide effects of egg has always been the topic of discussion because many health disorders are directly or indirectly related to eating eggs in excess amount. If consumed in adequate quantity, egg forms a good source of energy and nutrient, required for healthy body. But people crazy for various preparations of egg tend to overeat it and suffer from several health hazards. So, let’s have a look on the side effects of egg.


Negative Effects Of Egg


Allergic Reactions


Egg is rich in protein which is mainly concentrated in egg white. The albumin protein is good for health but many people have been found sensitive to it. Such individuals often suffer from allergies which may occur in the form of rashes, skin redness, hives, skin swelling, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and coughing. The allergies may last from few minutes to one day.




Nausea and vomiting are some of the side effects of egg which one suffers after eating large number of eggs. In severe cases stomach cramps have also been reported, so over eating of eggs should always be avoided.


Troubled Breathing And Asthma Attack


As mentioned that egg white is sometimes associated with severe allergies which may also appear in the form of swelling of mouth, airways and even throat. All these can result into troubled breathing and asthma attack. So, individuals suffering from asthma should consult a medical professional before taking eggs.  


Drop In Blood Pressure

Egg eating in certain cases is also associated with drop in blood pressure. If the situation gets uncontrolled, individual many experience dizziness and sometimes lose the consciousness.




Eggs can trigger the problem of acne especially if it is eaten daily. So, individuals suffering from acne should avoid eating eggs daily.


Increase In Cholesterol Level


Eggs are often associated with cardiovascular disorders as they are a concentrated source of cholesterol. Scientists have found that eggs can not be solely held responsible for heart diseases but over consumption of eggs can increase the cholesterol level in the body. Increased cholesterol in itself is the source of many health disorders, so one should avoid excessive eating of eggs. 




Individuals who tend to eat large numbers of eggs often suffer from constipation and gas.


Thus, we have seen that there are several side effects of egg that are the outcome of it’s over consumption. So, people who are crazy for eggs should restrict the egg intake so as to enjoy the food without suffering from its side effects.


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Side Effects Of Egg