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Side Effects Of Sage

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Dangers of sageSage is likely safe if used in food amounts, while in case of high dose or in concentrated form; one experiences some side effects of sage. The plant is well known for its medicinal and culinary benefits and has been in use for centuries as a valuable spice. But some of the negative effects associated with it make it necessary to discuss about the sage side effects.


Side Effects Of Consuming Sage


Unsafe During Pregnancy


Pregnant women should not take sage in any form as it adversely affects the situation. The plant is known to have emmenagogue property which gives rise to the risk of uterine contraction on its consumption.


Inadequate For Breast feeding women


The herb is known to dry the breast milk which is considered one of the serious side effects of sage. It has been reported that in folk medicines, sage tea was used in lowering milk supply so it was often used when the mother desires to wean the child off the breast milk. But this situation becomes harmful in nursing mothers, so they should not take sage during this period. High content of tannin in the plant is responsible for this effect.


Not Good For Epilepsy Patients


There are many evidences to support the fact that sage is not good for epilepsy patients. It has been found that the plant and its oil have the epeleptiform convulsant property which worsens the condition of patients suffering from epilepsy or seizures. A chemical called thujone present in the plant is known to trigger seizures Thus; such individuals should not take sage in any form even in the food amount.


Lowers Blood Sugar


Diabetics are suggested to avoid using sage as the plant is known to lower the blood sugar level. In addition, it can also affect the diabetes medications, so necessary precautions should be taken by such individuals. It’s better to monitor the blood sugar level before having sage in any form.




Toxicity due to large dosage or prolonged use of the herb has been reported as one of the side effects of sage. Though rare in occurrence, but the herb in any form should be taken in adequate quantity to avoid any toxic effects in near future.


High Blood Pressure


Individuals suffering from high blood pressure should not consume sage as it further increases the blood pressure and thus worsens the condition.


In this way we have seen that the side effects of sage are more predominant during certain conditions which one should take care of. While any thing in excess is always harmful, same applies to this herb. Thus, its intake should always be restricted to food amounts.


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Side Effects Of Sage