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How Much Is A Monster Energy Drink

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Why Monster Energy Drink is so popular?


Monster Energy Drink is healthy and is loaded with nutrition promoting physical endurance and vitality. The sweet flavor of this citrus flavor drink doesn’t leave a medicinal after taste in the mouth. The drink comes in 16 ounces vs. the regular 8 ounces comprising 8.75mg per ounce of complete energy. This means you are getting what you pay for. There is also the XXL variant that is 23.5 ounces for only a dollar more.


Ingredients in Monster Energy Drink


The energy beverage consist of additives like Carbonated Water, Sucrose, Glucose,Monster energy drink Taurine, Sodium Citrate, Color Added, Panax Ginseng, Root Extract, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Niacinamide, Sodium Chloride, Glucuronolactone, Inositol, Guarana Seed, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Sucralose, Riboflavin, Maltodextrin, Cyanocobalamin


Ever growing popularity

Monster Energy Drink has sponsored various sporting events in the recent past. In U.S the distribution has been agreed with Anheuser-Busch and with and Grupo Jumex in Mexico. The distribution deal has been finalised with distribution deal with PepsiCo Canada. In Australia and New Zealand it is a exclusive drink sold as Mother energy drink distributed by Schweppes as Coca-Cola Amatil.


You get what you pay for


A big can of Monster Energy Drink is packed with a pretty decent kick. The price is almost average everywhere costing $2.00 per can. You can buy it for bulk and get a case for around $35.00 yielding a saving and buying a can for $1.50 per can.


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How Much Is A Monster Energy Drink