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Side Effects Of Cabbage

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Cabbage side effectsIt would be good to know about the side effects of cabbage which we often consume in the form of soups, stews, salads or simply cooked vegetables. It is a leafy green vegetable which has its origin in Mediterranean region. Endowed with several health benefits and healing properties, this member of Cruciferae family was acclaimed as the ‘drug of the poor’ in the Middle Ages. In addition to its benefits, cabbage is also associated with some side effects. Let’s have a look on the negative effects of eating cabbage.


Common Side Effects Of Cabbage


Flatulence And Stomach Cramps


Intake of cabbage also results into flatulence. Though, the symptoms are more common after having cabbage soup which contains lot of fiber. If taken in large quantity, cabbage soup may result into abdominal pain, bloating and uneasiness. So, cabbage should be taken in restricted amount to avoid such symptoms.


Unsafe For Nursing Infant


Dangers of cabbage have been reported in breastfeeding women where it is said that the nursing infant has the chances to develop colic if the mother eats cabbage. There have been several reports on this ill effect of cabbage so the nursing mothers are prescribed not to eat cabbage even in food amount and stay on the safer side.


Effects During Pregnancy


Pregnant women are advised to stick to the food amounts of cabbage during pregnancy to avoid any harm which is associated with cabbage eating. No confirmed reports about its safety have been known yet, so it’s better to avoid the occurrence of any damage associated with cabbage.


Worsens The Hypothyroidism


Side effects of cabbage have been observed in person suffering from under active thyroid gland. Cabbage is known to reduce iodine absorption in the body. It might not affect a healthy person if he takes the vegetable twice or thrice a week. While in case of individuals suffering from thyroid disorders, it becomes harmful. Eating cabbage worsens the hypothyroidism so person suffering from such disorder should completely abstain from this leafy vegetable.




Rich in fiber, cabbage is known to flush out the toxins from the body. But, if the vegetable is taken in large amount, its detoxifying ability takes the form of diarrhea. Body will start flushing out toxins as well as necessary nutrients and fluid in case of over consumption of cabbage.


These were some of the side effects of cabbage which one often comes across if it is eaten in large quantity or if improperly taken. So, we don’t need to worry much about its dangers, instead enjoy its benefits by consuming the vegetable in food amount.


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Side Effects Of Cabbage