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Side Effects Of Rooibos

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Rooibos side effectsThere are very few side effects of rooibos which is generally overshadowed by its health benefits. A native of South Africa, the plant has been in use for generations in making herbal tea. Now, it has gained popularity across the globe for its nutritional and health benefits and is also studied for some of its side effects. The health benefits of this leguminous plant are well known, so let’s have a look on some of its side effects.


Common Side Effects Of Rooibos


Mild headache


One can experience mild headache after having rooibos though the effect doesn’t lasts for long and can be treated by taking rest.


Softening Of Stool

Drinking excess amount of rooibos tea may result into loose stool or soft stool. However, this side effect of rooibos is not accompanied with cramping, so one can take rest and consult doctor for the treatment if the situation prevails for long duration.


Slight Nausea


Nausea is one of the side effects of rooibos though it is rare in occurrence. People sensitive to the plant sometimes experience slight nausea. But the good thing is that the nausea feeling is not accompanied with vomiting so the situation can be easily controlled.


Increase In Anxiety


Intake of rooibos is also associated with increased anxiety. In addition, one may also suffer from temporary increase in irritability, if over consumed. However, the good thing about rooibos is that the increased anxiety and irritability due to its consumption subsides naturally after few hours. But one should remain cautious and not go for it’s over consumption.


Impedes Iron Absorption In The Body


Decreasing the rate of iron absorption from the consumed food is one of the dangers of rooibos. This in turn results into several disorders related to iron deficiency. It is more harmful in case of individuals who suffer from iron deficiency, so such individuals should take restricted amount of rooibos. The tea is known to soak the iron from the consumed food and thus reduce the iron absorption in the body. But on the positive side it has been found that rooibos tea is better than other tea which is more prominent in reducing the iron absorption.


Effects During Pregnancy


No direct evidence about safety of rooibos has been reported during pregnancy so it is considered safe. Although, if mixed with other herb it may cause certain side effects, so precautions should be taken.


Thus, we have seen that the side effects of rooibos are not worrisome. If properly used and taken in adequate amount, one can enjoy the health benefits associated with this shrub in the form of herbal tea.


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Side Effects Of Rooibos