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Side Effects Of Nutmeg

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Nutmeg side effectsSide effects of nutmeg are noteworthy because the spice is a vital ingredient in numerous Asian dishes. If used in recommended amount, nutmeg forms an important spice that adds flavor to the baked goods, vegetables, meats, sausages and different food items. Let’s have a look on dangers of nutmeg which are generally associated with excess consumption of this spice.


Popular Dangers Of Nutmeg


Diarrhea And Vomiting


Excess consumption of nutmeg is referred as nutmeg high which users generally do to have marijuana-type pleasure but ends up in cotton mouth, vomiting and dairrhea. The symptoms of Nutmeg high are basically the response of the body to the toxic essential oil known as Myristicin, found in the spice.




Dehydration is also one of the ill effects of the spice if it is over eaten. Necessary steps should be taken to control it, else the symptoms can get more severe.


Toxic Effects


Toxicity is one of the dangers of nutmeg which is generally accompanied with severe psychotic symptoms and CNS neuromodulatory signs. Nutmeg poisoning also mimics the anticholinergic hyperstimulation which is a serious condition.


Bizarre Behavior And Hallucination


Many bizarre behaviors have been reported after excess consumption of the spice. Most common side effects of nutmeg after its high dosage are blurred vision, gagging, hot/cold sensation, headache, drowsiness and many other symptoms related to auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations.


Unsafe During Pregnancy And Breast-Feeding


Nutmeg is considered unsafe for pregnant and nursing women. They can only be consumed in food amount. Intake in large quantity may result into miscarriage and birth defects in the child. Similarly, safe amount should be used during breastfeeding else, it may cause harm to the child.


Body Aches


Consumption of nutmeg in high quantity is often accompanied with body aches. Though the effect lasts for few hours but it results into tiredness which takes some time to settle down. 


Negative Effect On Heart


Increase in heart palpitation is associated with over eating on nutmeg. So, the spice should be consumed in food amount to avoid any negative effect on the heart.


Drug Interactions


Some drug interactions of nutmeg have been reported though further research is going on to understand its mechanism. Anti-depressant medications are found to be altered by high dosage of nutmeg.


The above mentioned side effects of nutmeg can be easily avoided. One should use it judiciously to avoid the occurrence of such side effects of nutmeg.


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Side Effects Of Nutmeg