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Side Effects Of Turkey

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Turkey side effectsSide effects of turkey become important to discuss as the meat is relished by most people. It forms one of the important mainstays of the thanksgiving party and Christmas celebration. Furthermore, it is also considered a meat with low saturated fat and has many health benefits. In spite of the delicious taste and health benefits, some dangers of turkey are also associated with its consumption, so one should know about them to avoid any serious health disorder. Let’s see some of the turkey side effects.


Common Side Effects Of Turkey


Drowsiness And Tiredness


Eating turkey in a thanksgiving party will certainly make you feel sleepy. Presence of an amino acid L-tryptophan in Turkey is main reason behind the drowsiness after eating the meat. This amino acid soon enters the blood from the digestive system and reaches the brain. Once it enters into the brain, it gets converted into another chemical, serotonin. This chemical is known to make the individual feel tired and make them sleep. It calms down the body and individual soon feel like sleeping.


Unsafe During Pregnancy


Pregnant women should avoid the consumption of deli meats which include turkey, ham, salami and bologna. It is one of the serious dangers of turkey as its meat is known to cause food poisoning called listeriosis. Eating the meats unless it is thoroughly heated and steamed makes the people susceptible to the bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes. Pregnant women are more prone to such infections so they should totally avoid it. To begin with, food poisoning by turkey makes the pregnant women ill with flu like symptoms and in severe condition, may turn into life-threatening meningitis and blood infection. So, if such symptoms are found, one should immediately consult a doctor.


Weight Gain


Weight gain is one of the major side effects of turkey especially if it is eaten along with the skin. Skin of turkey is laden with lots of calories and fat. So, eating even a small scrap can add up to 6 grams of fat and 70 calories to the body.


Sickness And Vomiting


Turkey if eaten in adequate amount is devoid of negative effects but it’s consumption in large quantity will make you sick. So, it’s better to have a restricted consumption of turkey. In many cases, excessive eating of turkey meat is accompanied by severe vomiting. Eating improperly cooked turkey often infects the body with Salmonella which makes the individual sick and triggers vomiting.


These were some of the side effects of turkey which should never be overlooked if the symptoms are expressed after consuming turkey.


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Side Effects Of Turkey