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Side Effects Of Chocolate

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Chocolate side effectsMost of us love chocolates and hence the mere thought about the side effects of chocolate can disappoint us. But we should take it in a positive stride as after getting information on the negative effects of chocolate, we can limit its intake and enjoy it lifelong. Else, if caught in the grip of chocolate side effects, we could have to do away with the chocolates forever. So, let’s talk about the dangers of chocolate and put a restriction on its intake.


Widespread Dangers Of Chocolate


Coronary Diseases


Excess chocolate consumption may lead to various cardiovascular disorders. High content of stearic acid in chocolate is the reason behind its negative effect on heart. Stearic acid is a saturated fat which elevates LDL cholesterol leading to coronary diseases in most of the cases. Stearic acid is also known to reduce HDL and thus increase the risk of atherosclerosis. In addition, heart burn and heart arrhythmias are also the ill effects of excess chocolate eating.


Lead Poisoning


Lead poisoning is one of the side effects of chocolate as chocolate often gets enriched with high amount of Lead during its processing. In this way, individuals eating chocolate indirectly gets exposed to the health hazards related to Lead.


Kidney Stones


Many incidences have reported that chocolate consumption increases the risk of kidney stones. Such disorders are directly related to excess eating of chocolate, so one should avoid it’s over consumption.


Weight Gain


Increase in unhealthy weight is one of the dangers of chocolate which affects most of the chocolate lovers. So, restriction should be put on the consumption of chocolates.




Chocolate can induce migraine attacks as it is rich in tyramine, a chemical known to promote migraine headaches. So, individuals suffering from migraine headache should avoid the consumption of chocolate as it triggers the disease.


Blood Sugar


Elevation of blood sugar is also one of the side effects of chocolate, so diabetics should completely abstain from chocolate eating and others should have it in judicious amount.


Gastritis And Insomnia


Chocolate, being rich in caffeine and theobromine, has side effects as similar to black tea and coffee. So, gastritis and insomnia are often reported on consuming large amount of chocolate. In many cases, chocolate consumption also leads to anxiety.


Dental Cavities


Chocolate is rich in sugar content that often harms the teeth and causes dental cavity.


These were the side effects of chocolate which generally appear if eaten in excess. Chocolate if taken in adequate amount is very healthy but in excess, can be dangerous. So choice is ours, to enjoy it lifelong or for a shorter timeframe.  


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Side Effects Of Chocolate