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Side Effects Of Cayenne

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Cayenne side effectsSide effects of Cayenne are generally observed when the herb is improperly used or taken in excess amount. Else, cayenne is safe and potent herb with many health benefits. It is a popular spice which is used in different forms in variety of cuisines. Nevertheless, care should be taken as every healthy food comes with certain negative effects, if not used in the proper form. Have a look at some of the side effects of cayenne.


Common Dangers Of Cayenne


Drug Interaction


Cayenne has adverse interactions on certain drugs. So, uses of cayenne are prohibited in individuals who are on ACE inhibitors, theophyline, aspirin, medications for stomach pain, and blood-thinning medications. In such cases, the effect may differ on individuals, so one should consult doctor before using cayenne.


Alters The Absorption Rate Of Other Herbs


Increasing the rate of absorption of other herbs and certain prescribed medications is one of the ill effects of cayenne. The heating properties of the herb are responsible for such dangers of cayenne which sometimes becomes serious condition.


Toxicity Of Cayenne Seeds


Cayenne seeds are toxic in nature so they should not be used in large quantities.


Pregnant And Breast-feeding Women Should Avoid Cayenne


Some dangers of cayenne have been reported in pregnant and nursing women, though the reports are not documented. So, to avoid any complications during such stages, cayenne should be restricted in the diet of pregnant and nursing women.   


Allergic Reactions


It has been found in several cases that cayenne can result in allergies. So, people sensitive to cayenne should not consume it. Such side effects of cayenne have been especially reported in the individuals who are already sensitive to Latex, Bananas, Kiwi, Chestnuts, and Avocado, so proper precautions should be taken in such cases.


Excessive Usgae Can Hamper Liver Functioning


Liver damage and stomach problems are also some of the dangers of cayenne which is often reported if the herb is taken for longer period. Risk of such health disorders arises from the ingredient capsaicin, which is found in the herb. Moreover, the overdose of the herb further increases the risk of many more related ailments.


Excessive Sweating

Excessive moisture is produced by the body in response to the stimulation caused by capsaicin. Many individuals also suffer from watery eyes, excess sweating, flushing and running nose on consuming cayenne pepper capsule.


Adversely Effects The Dental Enamel


It has been reported that chewing of cayenne along with consumption of cheap white wine leads to loss of enamel and a deep black stain on the teeth.


These were some of the side effects of cayenne which you can avoid by consuming the herb in recommended proportion.


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Side Effects Of Cayenne