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Side Effects Of Chicory

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Chicory side effectsSide effects of chicory are very rare and most of them are for very short duration, so they are not worrisome. However, Chicory, an plant with several medicinal benefits, is taken by large number of people. So, in some cases, few adverse effects are found by consuming large amount of chicory or using it in improper ways. Thus, it becomes important to know about its negative effects. Read further to know about the side effects of Chicory.


Common Dangers Of Chickory


Skin Irritation


Contact dermatitis and several allergies are often reported after handling the herb.  The effect is due to the presence of sesquiterpene lactones in the plant.


Allergic Reaction


Various allergies are one of the common side effects of chicory. Incidence of such adverse effects are especially more prevalent in individuals who are allergic to ragweed and plants belonging to Compositae family. So, such individuals should consult a doctor before using chicory.


Drug Interaction


Chicory might interact with other drugs and alter their effects causing some side effects. So, before combining the herb with drugs, one should inform the medical practitioner to avoid the incidence of any chicory side effects.


Adverse Effect On Heart


Person suffering from heart ailments should avoid the usage of chicory in any form as it acts on heart and can worsen the situation. It has been found to affect the heart rate and blood pressure


Adverse Effects During Pregnancy And Nursing


One of the side effects of chicory has been reported in pregnant and nursing women. The herb is said to have abortive effects in pregnant women. In addition, it causes emmenagogue viz. stimulates menstruation. So, the usage of chicory during such stages should be completely avoided.


Loss Of Appetite


Chicory has been reported to cause loss of appetite and thus stimulates the weight loss process. So, its usage should be avoided by weak individuals. Chronic fatigue syndrome is also associated with chicory.


Aggravates Gall Stone Problem


Person suffering from gallstones should not take chicory as the herb is known to stimulate the production of bile. If required, it should be consulted with the doctor as chicory worsens the gall stone problem.


Contraceptive Activity


Seed extracts have been reported to have contraceptive properties. Though the result has been found in rats and study is being carried to study its effect in humans. But, one should be aware of such effects of chicory to avoid any problem.


Thus, we have seen that most of the side effects of chicory are prevalent in certain medical complications. One should remain aware of the abovementioned ill effects and avoid the usage of herb in such cases.


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Side Effects Of Chicory