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Side Effects Of Lime

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Some dangers of limeWe all know about the health benefits of lime but it would be interesting to discuss the side effects of lime. Lime which is commonly known for good digestion, skin care, weight loss, treatment of scurvy, respiratory disorders, gouts and so on, are associated with some rare ill effects. Read further to know about the dangers of lime which are not worrisome but should not even be overlooked.




Common Side Effects Of Lime


Sunburn Due To Lime

Allergies to lime oil have been commonly reported, especially in light skinned people. People who are sensitive to lime oil should not apply it directly to their skin as it causes skin burn when the skin is exposed to sunlight. This effect is called photosensitization which basically happens because of the chemical oxypeucedanin, present in lime oil.


Risk Associated During Pregnancy

Lime is not considered unsafe during pregnancy but no confirmed result has been yet published on it’s over consumption and safety. So, to remain protected from the dangers of lime, it should be consumed in food amount during pregnancy as well as nursing period.


Toxic Effect

Toxicity of lime is not directly associated with the consumption of lime instead with the seeds. The seed of lime which remains intermingled in between the pulp is often consumed by us. The seeds are poisonous in nature. It has been reported that a handful of seeds can be fatal.  So to avoid the negative effects of lime, one should not chew or swallow seeds while having lime.


Use Of Lime For Douches Not Advisable

Lime juice and lemon are often used for douches by women who are prone to HIV transmission. But, no confirmed report for its safety is yet known. So, it’s advisable to avoid the usage of lime in such forms.


Tumor Formation

The distilled oil of lime is reported to promote the formation of tumor, if the carcinogenic chemicals are there in its vicinity. Though this side effect of lime is reported only in theories but one should remain aware of it.


Increased Absorption Of Iron

According to laboratory studies, lime is known to increase the absorption of iron in the body. Though the human studies do not report any such incidence as no increase in the amount of iron is reported in iron deficient women who are given lime. But to be on the safer side, consumption of lime should be restricted to food amount to avoid any negative effects.


These were some of the side effects of lime which are generally observed from the over consumption. So, limit the intake of lime to food amount and enjoy its benefit in different forms.


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Side Effects Of Lime