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Side Effects Of Basil

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Basil Side EffectsWhile people are aware of the goodness of basil, the side effects of basil are very rare and hence known to very less people. Its inclusion in various dishes calls for the need of knowing more about the basil side effects.  Read further to know about side effects of basil.


Popular Side Effects Of Basil


Estragole Is Carcinogenic


Estragole forms one of the main ingredients of basil which has been reported to have carcinogenic effects. Though, it is not a serious issue as it's leaves are often used as a spice or seasoning agent in foods. So, the intake of estragole in minute quantity is harmless. If taken in large amount, it may prove harmful over long period of time.


Liver Cancer


As mentioned that estragole found in basil is carcinogenic in nature though not very much harmful in minute quantity. But, incidence of liver cancer has been reported which indicates that the herb is somehow responsible for this disease. So, adequate precautionary measures should be taken and basil should not be consumed in large quantity.


Can Trigger Low Blood Sugar Symptoms


Symptoms of low blood sugar are one of the common side effects of basil. Dizziness, confusion, hunger, trembling, headache, rapid pulse, heavy sweating, and cold are some of the symptoms associated with low blood sugar. If an individual experiences such symptoms on consumption of basil, he should immediately call the doctor, else it can prove to be fatal. This is one of the main reasons why the herb is prohibited in diet of diabetic people. Moreover, the ingredients of basil interact with the oral medicine prescribed for controlling diabetes. So, person on such medications should avoid it.


Not Good For Pregnant And Nursing Women


The carcinogenic properties of estragole have made the herb, unsafe for pregnant as well as nursing women. Moreover, many studies have indicated the possible role of estragole in uterine contraction. So, it is suggested that pregnant women should avoid the intake of basil.


Kidney Patients


Consumption of basil even in small quantity should be prohibited in case of individuals suffering from kidney damage. It becomes difficult for damaged kidney to eliminate the residues of this herb from the body and thus they start getting accumulated in the body. The same situation arises if a person is suffering from liver damage.


These were some of the side effects of basil which should be taken care of to avoid any serious health disorder.


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Side Effects Of Basil