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Side Effects Of Vitex

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Vitex side effectsOne should be aware of side effects of Vitex because it’s utility as herbal remedy for women of different age is very popular. Because of its medicinal usage, it is taken by many people, especially women. Although considered safe, but the herb which is also known as Chestnut Berry has some side effects. So, let’s know about the dangers of Vitex so that one can take necessary precautionary measures while its consumption.



Nausea And Stomach Upset

Vitex consumption is often associated with nausea and stomach upset. In some cases, problem of headache has also been reported. Though these symptoms are not worrisome as they are for very short period but in severe cases when the symptoms persists for long, one should consult doctor.


Allergic Reactions Due To Vitex

One of the common side effects of Vitex is allergies associated with its intake. Some of the common allergic reactions noticed after the consumption of Vitex are skin rash, swelling, itching, and dizziness. In severe cases, troubled breathing and dry mouth is also noticed after the intake of Vitex.


Changes In Menstrual Period

One of the dangers of Vitex is unusual changes in menstrual period. This situation often becomes serious, so one should immediately consult a doctor if such abrupt changes are noticed in menstrual period. One may also notice heavy bleeding in between periods which is worrisome and should not be left untreated.


Rapid Heartbeat

Increase in the rate of heart beat is also one of the common side effects of Vitex which one often encounters after its regular intake. Though, this can be easily treated by consulting a doctor but it can cause serious trouble in long terms.


Hair Loss

Vitex intake is also associated with hair loss. If taken care on time, hair loss can be controlled else, it may take serious form.


Vitex Adversely Affects Pregnant Women

A pregnant women and nursing should avoid Vitex as it has adverse effects on them.


Retards the effectiveness of oral contraceptives

Interaction of Vitex along with oral contraceptives may decrease the effect of these contraceptives. Dangers of Vitex in interfering with the female hormone have also been studied though no confirm result has been reported yet.


Affects The Level Of Dopamine

Vitex should be avoided by people suffering from Parkinson's disease and Schizophrenia as it affects the dopamine levels.


In this way, we have seen that side effects of Vitex though rare but can be serious if not treated immediately. So, it’s advisable to consult the doctor if any of the above mentioned symptoms prevail for a longer period after the consumption of Vitex.


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Side Effects Of Vitex