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Side Effects Of Orange

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Orange side effectsOranges are very nutritious fruit which is relished by most of the people. However, side effects of orange though rare have been reported, if the fruit is eaten in large numbers. All the negative effects of eating orange are mild in nature but it should be known to everyone especially to the orange lovers. Such information would help them in regulating the intake of fruit so that it can be relished throughout the life. So, everybody and especially orange lovers, read further to decipher the side effects of eating oranges.


Some Side Effects Associated With Orange

Stomach Ache

Vitamin C and acid are the rich constituents of orange. The acids present in orange are considered bad for stomach. It can cause stomach ache if eaten in large numbers.


Increased Risk Of Kidney Stones

One of the possible side effects of orange is the increased risk of kidney stones if an individual is eating oranges in large numbers. The reason behind this ill effect of orange is the presence of vitamin C in them. Various researches have indicated that excessive intake of vitamin C increases the chances of kidney stones formation..


Formation Of Cancer Causing Radicals

One of the research studies on the citrus fruits has indicated that a 3 inch diameter orange has 65 mg of vitamin C. It is present in the form of ascorbic acid. If consumed in moderate amount, ascorbic acid is harmless but its excess consumption promotes the production of free radicals which are responsible for cancerous diseases.


Interference With Other Medications

Vitamin C present in Orange is also known to cause interference in the response of body to other medications. The interference is highly noticed in the case of medication related to blood thinners.


Softening Of Tooth Enamel

Softening of tooth enamel is one of the side effects of orange, although it is  rare in occurrence. In some incidences, it has been reported that eating large number of oranges daily exposes our tooth to acid present in them, which in turn cause harm to tooth enamel and also cause dental erosion.



Consumption of large number of orange increases the risk of gastritis due to its acidic nature.


Thus, we have seen that the side effects of orange are more or less the outcome of its nutrient content which if taken in moderate amount becomes boon for health. So, one should eat orange in adequate amount and not go crazy for it otherwise, the benefits of orange might become harmful to them.


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Side Effects Of Orange