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Side Effects Of Lemon

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Lemon side effectsSide effects of lemon are very rare but they should not be overlooked as some may seriously affect our body if not treated on time. Lemon is primarily recognized as a rich source of Vitamin C and potassium and thus it is used in various culinary and medicinal purposes. Information on its negative impact will help us in using it judiciously and thus getting benefited from its nutritional value without an adverse impact on health. So, find below some of the lemon side effects.


Increase In Iron Absorption


Over usage of lemon in regular diet increases the iron absorption capacity of the body. This in turn may lead to many other disorders related to high concentration of iron. So, excess consumption of lemon should be avoided.


Reduced Chloroquine Plasma Concentration


Dangers of lemon are generally associated with it’s over consumption, one among them being reduction of Chloroquine Plasma concentration in the body.


Erosion Of Tooth Enamel


One of the common side effects of lemon is its erosive effect on tooth enamel. This effect is generally reported when lemon juice is taken in concentrated form. In severe cases loss of gloss and discoloration of enamel has also been reported. It might also lead to irregular loss of dental tissue. The presence of citric juice in lemon is responsible for its erosive effects.


Gastroesophageal Reflux Diseases


Citrus juice in lemon is responsible for various symptoms related to gastroesophageal reflux diseases. Moreover, it worsens the condition if a person is already suffering with such diseases.


Frequent Urination


Lemon being rich in Vitamin C has natural diuretic properties. Thus, it’s consumption in excess amount may lead to frequent urination.


Unsafe During Pregnancy And Lactation


Dangers of lemon eating during pregnancy and lactation are also worrisome. Lemon is considered safe, if eaten in normal food amount. But dosage above than normal quantity might adversely affect the pregnant or nursing mother and the infant. Though, the efficacy and symptoms are unproven, so it’s better to consume it in normal quantity especially during pregnancy and lactation.


Sun Burn


Apart from eating lemon, many people apply it on skin for cleansing purpose. But excessive use of lemon on skin makes the skin more susceptible to sun burn. This is one of the common side effects of lemon generally reported in fair skinned people.


These were some of the major side effects of lemon which one should remain aware of. We have seen that the side effects are not worrisome but they should be cured immediately to avoid any major health disorder.


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Side Effects Of Lemon