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Side Effects Of Chicken

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Dangers of chicken Keep in mind the side effects of chicken while relishing in different preparations. Though it is considered a healthy food but certain negative effects of Chicken have been reported. Knowing about its ill effects will help us in avoiding the health risks associated with chicken intake. So, read further to know about dangers of Chicken that can affect your health.


Salmonella Infection Due To Chicken


One can get infected with Salmonella by eating undercooked Chicken. The germs of Salmonella are the source of many infections which adversely affects the body. Salmonella infection is also one the major side effects of Chicken, if it is eaten raw.


Decreased Response Of The Body To Various Drugs


Chicken is raised in adverse conditions and because of its ever increasing demand; various antibiotics are injected into it to keep it alive. All these are done to increase the production of Chicken at low cost. But the adverse side of this treatment has to be faced by the individuals who consume Chicken. The antibiotics injected into Chicken get deposited in the body of individuals who eat such Chicken. Later, on their body gets less effective to many drugs, as antibiotics present in them promotes the development of drug resistant bacteria.


Susceptibility To Avian Flu


One gets more susceptible to Avian Flu virus if Chicken forms an important item in the daily meal. It has been reported by Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization that eating undercooked Chicken or foods prepared along with infected Chicken can easily transmit the Avian Flu virus among Chicken eating populations.  


Cardiovascular Disorders


Cardiovascular disorders are one of the common dangers of Chicken. Chicken flesh is packed with cholesterol which is not good for health. It has been reported that 3 ounce skinless Chicken and beef have equal amount of cholesterol content. With this data we can imagine what can be the effect of Chicken on the heart and arteries. Chicken, if eaten in controlled quantity is not harmful to heart but it’s over consumption often blocks the arteries and leads to heart diseases.


Food Borne Illness


Food borne illnesses are one of the common side effects of Chicken consumption as most of the Chicken sold for consumption is infected with virus and bacteria. Chickens are raised in factory under unhealthy conditions. They are confined to crowded cages and are injected with several injections for over growth. In such conditions, they get infected with various virus and bacteria which gets transmitted to people consuming them.


These were the major side effects of Chicken which if not taken seriously can cause serious harm to the body.


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Side Effects Of Chicken