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Side Effects Of Whey Protein Powder

Side Effects Of Whey Protein Powder


If you are a regular consumer of whey protein, it’ll do good to know the side effects of whey protein powder. As much as whey protein is good for you, there are also dangers of whey protein powder. Used as a dietary supplement, whey protein is used as a diet supplement more often than not and is processed from cow’s milk. The building blocks of your body, proteins, are also needed more than the usual amount for athletes, body builders, people with special medical needs and dieters. But that does't imply that whey protein is 100% safe. There are some offisdes to it as well. 


Read on to know more about the offsides of this healthy food.


Whey Protein Powder Side Effects


Excessive Inatke Is Dangerous


Intake of whey protein powder can get dangerous if you are taking the powder excessively more than the prescribed amount. Besides, people who are lactose intolerant are not advised to consume whey protein powder. You not only develop allergic reactions if you are lactose intolerant and consuming protein powder, it could also turn serious.


Can Hamper Renal Functioning


Whey protein powder is said to affect the functions of your kidney. Although further research needs to be carried out in this subject, the adverse effects protein powder do to your kidney can only be realized if the consumption is for a longer period of time, say for years together.


Excessive Usage Can Damage Liver


Same way, extremely high levels of protein powder can cause liver damage according to nutritional experts. So go slow on the intake of whey protein powder considering these long-term side effects.


Can Have Negative Impacts On Bone Mineral Density


It’s also common knowledge that the whey protein powder can screw up the mineral density of your bones. As a result, you will experience imbalance of minerals in your bones and conditions arising out of it.


So keep in mind these side effects when you are consuming more than the prescribed amount of protein powder every day. Usually recommended amount is just one gram of protein powder per pound of your body’s weight.


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Side Effects Of Whey Protein Powder