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Side Effects Of Rice

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Rice side effectsIt becomes important to assess the side effects of rice as rice forms the staple diet of many regions across the world. It is eaten in different forms and relished by millions of people in various menu. Although the side effects associated with rice are not very disturbing but as this cereal is liked by many, so it becomes important to know about the dangers of rice. Rice is considered a good source of energy and it is gluten free cereal; especially beneficial for gluten sensitive people. In spite of these health benefits, rice eating is associated with some negative impact on health. Read further, to know about the dangers of rice.


Top 5 Side Effects Of Rice




Rice eatenin normal quantity doesn’t have any side effects, but if it is eaten in excess amount, one might experience flatulence. Furthermore, a feeling of fullness and bloating are also some of the negative impacts of eating large amount of rice. These side effects of rice are not worrisome as the normal condition is easily restored after a meanwhile. But one should take precaution and eat moderate amount of rice to avoid any such side effects.


Sleepiness and Tiredness – There has been several instances where one feel tired and sleepy after eating rice. Though, the exact reasons behind this have not been documented till date, but it has come to notice that this symptom is also related to over eating of rice.


Weight Gain


People on diet should avoid eating rice as it has been found in several instances that rice adds to your weight. But many diet programs consider this a myth, as there are no proper evidences to prove this. Whatever is the truth, but it has been found that this side effect is associated with excess consumption of rice. So, one should restrict eating rice to remain fit.


Stomach Pain 


Some people have a habit of eating raw rice or soaked rice. They are dangerous as they can cause stomach pain and in severe cases stones and arthritis.


Rice And Diabetes


Eating white rice increases the risk of diabetes. So, the medical practitioners advise to go for brown rice instead of white ones. People suffering from diabetes are also advised to cut down their rice consumption as rice aggravates the sugar level in the body which can further lead to many complications related to diabetes.   


Thus, we have seen that the side effects of rice are associated with it’s over consumption. If this cereal is eaten in moderate quantity, it works wonder for the well being of our body. So, it’s advisable to keep a control on rice eating so that you can enjoy it in different forms.


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Side Effects Of Rice